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Bardware of Frog Lane
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We are a little family run stall with an eclectic mix of pagan, witchy and native American Indian themed Goodies.
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Sea Witch Soap and Craft
Hi, I'm Rox and I make the mundane magical. I am a stand for creating wholeness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am an expert in inspiring positive change and transformation. I inspire clients to transform their lives and free themselves from old unhelpful paradigms. I specialise in energy healing (through a combination of reiki, crystal healing and other techniques), law of attraction guidance and creative relaxation practises. I create soaps with added healing benefits, crystal soap rests and jewellery, as well as other crafts. I sell holistic products such as crystals and essential oils.
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ArianaSoulPurpose Creations
Hi! I create and sell all kind of Witchy stuff! You can find Magic Wands, Spell Jars Jewellery, Witchy Decor, Wax Melts and a lot more!!
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