About our Website

This website is the living dream of two firm friends and English witches, Anna and Lori. The alchemical result of our personal experiences and attributes, made manifest in a calling to bring Witchcraft out of the shadows and into the light. To encourage and empower anyone like ourselves, who doesn’t fit neatly into any of Society’s safe little boxes. Who feels deep in their Soul that it’s not meant to be like this, that the carefully constructed reality we have been sold is an illusion.

There is another Way. There always has been. But we are confused and conditioned at every turn, told how to think and behave, and made to feel like outcasts. Made to think we should be ashamed of being different. That there is comfort in conformity. The Way is still there. You feel it. You may already have found it. But the first steps are always motivated by an overwhelming desire to reconnect, with our own wild, beautiful Selves. And with the others like us. 

We see you. We feel you. And we’re here. To help you, if necessary, cast off the shame and guilt you have been made to feel through no fault of your own. And embrace your Truth, your authenticity.

You know you’ve been directed to find us. Now you’ll begin to realise why. You may need to find your Self. You may need to find your Tribe. You may need assistance with one or more aspects of a certain situation. You may have a requirement for one or more particular items which have been waiting patiently for you. You may have certain questions which you find answered within these pages, or which you just know you can find help with. We’re contactable by private email and we’re also building an online community forum so we can all help, support and connect with each other.

Of course, we hope you’ll be back again and again, for solace, assistance or just a little light relief. The website will be constantly updated. It’s an organic, growing, fluid creation which will shape itself as it Wills. With your help. 

Our original articles will be published regularly. Our Kids’ and adolescents’ pages are intended to celebrate our children’s creativity. Children are the most magickal of creatures, and their joyful expression of what they see and feel the most magickal of creations. Too often, their wings are clipped and they are metaphorically caged by adults and peers who, fearful of their gifts, seek to repress what they cannot understand, unwittingly more often than not. We want to provide a safe space for children to create without fear, and to have their talents rightly admired rather than hurtfully mocked.

Our online shop will be added to regularly. You won’t find items quite like ours anywhere else. They are all produced with intuition, love and expertise and full backstories will be provided as and when applicable. We think you’ll enjoy these stories almost as much as the products! We also offer bespoke spells. Please see the online shop and individual pages for further details of our current, forthcoming and bespoke products.

Our tinctures are made by Anna, a trained homeopath and herbalist, who will be able to use them combined with homeopathic and other flower remedies to create you bespoke remedies for any ills you or your fur babies may have. Animals are particularly receptive to these remedies as they have no preconceptions.


Finally, Lori is a trained counsellor and hypnotherapist and highly skilled Tarot reader. The Way of the True Self can be a particularly dark and lonely path at times. Lori is unique amongst counsellors in that she has the ability to recognise and work with those who the medical profession simply don’t understand and who may simply be dismissed as crazy. See her individual page for full details of the services she offers.

We’re delighted you’ve found your way to us. Now please, have a look around and enjoy!

(Beltane 2018)