Crystal Healing

Healing Crystals (or How to heal your crystals)

by Anna Curtis

Crystals are an area with so many differing qualities and opinions that it can be hard to cover them all in one small article. Whilst it is generally agreed that crystals are all about positive energies in various forms (be that scientific or spiritual) there are differing opinions about if an energy is specific to one crystal or one type of crystal, whether we draw the energy we need from a crystal or it gives it willingly, how to ‘charge’ your crystals, how to use your crystals, cleansing your crystals, tuning your crystals. Basically every individual has their beliefs and I will attempt to give as much information as I can on this page with as little personal opinion as possible.

Ok that’s a lie! Personal opinion is everything with crystals! Each one either loves you or hates you! I’ve heard of crystals literally leaping away from people to get away from them and pendulums which jitter in a person’s steady hand. I myself have had a quartz energy crystal explode whilst I was wearing it and have a rose quartz which keeps disappearing and reappearing randomly. So, in truth, this article is telling you what I think about those gorgeous little individuals some call stones, others call gems or in this case healing crystals.

I’m not going to talk about each individual type of crystal here, that is going to be in a separate section of our site, but give you some information on methodology of cleansing (or dedicating) etc. Personally I always cleanse my crystals after I’ve received them to get rid of any residual negative energy, especially if they’ve been posted to me (they can’t enjoy being wrapped up and jolted around). One method is to cleanse them under running water, but this should only be done if you really know about minerals as it can make certain ones dissolve. The safest methods are ‘smudging’, dry sea salt, other crystals or prayer depending on your personal belief or preference. Smudging consists of passing your crystals through the smoke of a burning, cleansing item like white sage, palo santo or sweetgrass, these can be obtained dried or as an incense. Some people prefer praying or chanting of which there are many variations for you to choose from and finally, quite simply, allowing your crystals to bathe in the moonlight especially at a full moon.

After you have done your initial cleanse (if you choose to) you may wish to tune them into your own vibrations, this is sometimes described as energising, sounding or programming and there are some who use this as a cleansing technique as well. Again there is a variety of methods for this, some people just like to handle them so they pick up their personal energy, some prefer to visualise, some chant or sing (you can also buy tuning forks for this) and some just talk to them. So long as you approach whatever you do with a positive attitude and an open heart the outcome will be good.

One of the few things that is often agreed upon is that the storage of crystals should be where they can bathe in light, from the moon especially, but also the sun. Having said that there are people who like to store their more special pieces in cloth lined wooden boxes or glass fronted cabinets but personally I believe that crystals prefer light and air or they can feel trapped, although apparently some crystals can fade and one should be careful when storing them together as some can chip more easily than others. Many people believe that certain crystals should be stored together to cleanse and charge each other. Contact with harsh chemicals should be avoided for example chlorine, perfume or hairspray and if you have your crystals in jewellery form they should be cleaned with a soft cloth if any tarnishing occurs and should not be worn in the bath.

So in conclusion every crystal is an individual, as are we and should be treated as such. Yes there are generic descriptions of the powers of each type of crystal. But we here at The Enchanted Goddess believe that you should go with your instinct, love your crystals and treat each one with the respect they deserve.

Although we do not necessarily subscribe to generic crystal interpretations we are more than happy to recommend crystals for your specific circumstances. Contact us with your desired outcome  and we will be happy to intuit and recommend which crystals will be suitable. Contact us at for this free service.


Anna has been a real comfort to me over the last few months, I hit a really tough patch and it was as if even without talking to her she knew, she got in Touch out of the blue and it’s like she really understood what was happening.

She created the perfect selection of stones for me to help me keep my emotions in check, sent me some really relaxing and calming scents that after a few days use, truly did make me feel so much stronger.

Her words of advice and the things she said were 100% accurate. She truly has been a rock and I believe her gifts and talents will help so many more people now she is more reachable.

she wore the obsidian to school on Friday because she ‘knew it was going to be a bad day and needed to block out negative thoughts bless her….thank you hun..she’s taking a lot of comfort from these xx

Sarah and Alex

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