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Moon In Libra
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Hello and welcome to Moon in Libra. My name is Kerry Dawes and I create a safe space in Wolverhampton UK and globally online to help people heal & grow through guidance, support and energy healing.
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Sea Witch Soap and Craft
Hi, I'm Rox and I make the mundane magical. I am a stand for creating wholeness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am an expert in inspiring positive change and transformation. I inspire clients to transform their lives and free themselves from old unhelpful paradigms. I specialise in energy healing (through a combination of reiki, crystal healing and other techniques), law of attraction guidance and creative relaxation practises. I create soaps with added healing benefits, crystal soap rests and jewellery, as well as other crafts. I sell holistic products such as crystals and essential oils.
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The Witches Forum at Frog Lane
Welcome me lovelies to our little friendly group, a place where you can talk and learn with likeminded people, for old and new travelling on your path we are here to help each other pass on, guide and re light the things you already know.