The Black Pages – Our Small Business Directory

Here at the Annex, we like to promote small businesses.  This is our community directory for you to find trusted traders to purchase goods or services from.

There are currently no limitations on who is allowed to be admitted into our Black Pages Directory, but there are a few stipulations. Please contact us if you are interested in adding your business / Facebook shop or page / Etsy shop etc to this list.

You may create and/or edit your own entry within the directory. To do this you will need either an account with the web site, or an “Access Key” that will allow you to edit the entry without an account. If your entry was created before you created your account, please contact us to have the two linked together.

  • All new entries will be placed into a “pending” state until approved.
  • All links must be respectful to the community. Offensive or inappropriate links will be removed/not added.
  • All links are manually checked and verified before adding.
  • Once added, links to sites are checked automatically by this system as available. Any found to be invalid are verified with the person/organisation, and removed if no longer active. Any links you find whilst using this directory that are not current or are inappropriate (which have not been found by the system) – please let us know. We want to keep this directory current and useful, and you can help us to do that for you.
  • There is no time limit on being in the directory – as long as a link is valid and acceptable, it will remain in the directory.
  • If you cease trading or no longer offer this service, we ask that you notify us so your entry can be amended accordingly.