Black Witch’s Salt

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Black Witches Salt being ground by hand for your use.

Ideal for placing around your home for protection, scattering on smudge sticks, adding to protection dust or rituals or just throwing over your enemies (oops did I say that out loud)
Lovingly hand crafted in Anna’s cauldron (OK old saucepan but it’s an experienced saucepan) this contains everything you require in salt protection

Remember Black salt absorbs negative energies so sweep it up or wash it away regularly to remove those energies totally.

Additional information

Weight 25 g

2 reviews for Black Witch’s Salt

  1. Anonymous

    I put a thin line across the path of a regular intruder into my garden, 2am he appears & BANG! stops dead at the line, looked confused, turned around and back tracked on his original path

  2. Anonymous

    Your black salt, florida water & smudge stick in the room where my daughter felt she was being watched may have been overkill but it now feels light & airy and the dog, who wouldn’t enter before, is now sprawled out asleep in there

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