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Coconut based salves for allergies, wounds, burns and flying.

Our broad range of herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies are available to order as well as designing bespoke tinctures to your specific request


‘Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Mums slept since  the tea bags and drops! She believes. Mine I think might need to be stronger as normally gp says I need drugs strong enough to knock out a horse. Mums so happy it’s working. And so am I. I hope it helps others. She’s had terrible nights for years. Being ill has made things worse. She has got a bit of her spark back x’

Suzanne who’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer


I’ve had lots of help from Anna over the past few weeks for myself and my children!
She has made us herbal tinctures for various ailments including ibs, anxiety and insomnia and I am already seeing a difference.
Anna was drawn to a piece of Druzy Agate for my son and when we received it he spent an hour calmly holding it – I’ve since found out that it’s qualities include to balance and improve emotions 
The witch friends on the website are also amazing xx



Lovely day today with Anna
Making tinctures, learning Anna’s skills on herbalism… what a lovely ladies and very interesting… can’t wait until the next one



Fabulous experience with these ladies. Thank you Anna 



i am suffering from 2 lifelong illnesses and so i ordered a nighty night tincture to help me sleep and for the first time in years i slept and woke refreshed without feeling drowsy. i will defo be making sure i always have some to hand. thank you so much Anna you have made a customer for life with me.

i had a specific tincture made, a road opener to help me with my pain levels during flare ups and help me with meditation amongst other things. this took 3 days to start to kick in but im definitely feeling effects and again im ever so pleased with the results. i was fed up with being on such a strong dose of painkillers and feeling groggy and out of it just to ease the pain. a few months ago i finished a reduction of the dose, but then i had a flare up and i was so frustrated. thats when my fairy godmother anna stepped in to help. i managed to keep my dose of painkillers down and use the road opener with no horrible side effects. woohoo thanks so much. xxx