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Distance Chakra Cleansing

Distance Chakra Cleansing Now Available

This service includes a carefully intuited assessment of each major chakra and overall energetic system, followed by a gentle and sympathetic healing, balancing and restoration as appropriate.

It is highly possible than some channelled messages may come through. These will be relayed in the detailed written feedback which will be provided to you upon completion of the session, together with any channelled recommendations for appropriate crystals etc.

Finally, a Tarot card will be drawn for you to meditate upon.

You will be contacted prior to the session for formal permission and an estimated start time. You may choose to go into a relaxed state, or you may simply go about your usual daily activities. You may possibly notice some warmth and/or tingling, together with a feeling of relaxation or energisation at intervals during the session; but any sensations will be mild and pleasurable and should not interfere with your day.

Please note: Although these sessions are energetically efficacious, they are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment.

If you have any ongoing health issues we recommend you seek the advice of your GP as necessary.