War Water


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Traditionally used to put off anyone of threat to you.

War water was originally used in hoodoo to throw on your enemies doorstep to curse them & leave them a nasty mess to clear up, as it contains rusty nails, fungus, moss, bitter sweet berries & stagnant water. Obviously a particularly anti social thing to do now, but people still use it in hexes & curses (not my personal choice although I would if I did them) banishing spells etc. but be careful when handling it, it does come with a warning.

Supplied in a 150ml Jar.

Highly recommended by an independent 20 years experience practitioner.


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Weight 360 g

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m road testing your war water tonight. I have a cat that likes to sit on my car bonnet and scratch it, so I put it on some tissue and rubbed it on the bonnet. The cat came and stood in front of the car with a weird look on his face and then went and sat on the neighbours car. woohoo.

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