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Golden Seal Empath Protection Oil


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The Golden Seal Empath Protection Oil

With this handy 10ml roll-on, you can add the “Golden Seal” to the protection which you have already got in place. Easily portable, can be carried with you if required to re-enforce that protection through your day. While the initial potency of this oil may not strike you, its long lasting scent and effectiveness is deceptively hidden.

Tested and Reviewed :

So I’ve tested the Golden Seal oil in quite a few testing situations and it is amazing!

At work, I kept smiling and everything was water off a ducks back to me, had no panic attacks on the way to work – I usually have at least two as I hate driving after my accident.
School run again kept smiling had no one draining my energy’s so again bloody amazing!
Hospital appointment I usually end up with extremely high blood pressure (don’t like hospitals) blood pressure was 78/112! Also not keen on going out of the house so this oil has been amazing. Also put it on before bedtime – had restful nights and no crazy dreams, it doesn’t help with sleep but is good for relaxing.

Also messaged a mutual friend of ours and there was no energy drain there either!

I hope this helps, this oil is the best one I have tried x

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