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Our Wands

Our wands are truly unique. The other handcrafted wands we have seen tend to be made of wholly or partly stripped wood with a crystal point fixed to the end of the wand and coloured thread binding. The wand may feature additional markings, crystals and copper binding.

The accompanying information tends to focus on the traditionally associated magickal applications of the wood and markings and commonly ascribed healing properties of the crystal and wire.

Our approach is rather different. All our wands are handcrafted by Anna from wood she finds on her travels. We believe the wood Anna finds are gifts from the tree for the express purpose of being lovingly transformed into objects of Power. They know their purpose better than we do, and they know Anna has the unusual gift of being able to recognise this purpose and intuit the processes necessary to bring this about.

When the nascent wand is back in Anna’s workshop, she is able to understand how much, if any, stripping and varnishing the wood requires. She then works with the wood and a selection of crystals and charms, being directed which ones to apply and where. She does this purely intuitively. She has no preconception of what she wishes to create, she just knows what is required by each wand.

Crystals and charms are applied with strong wood glue. We believe binding of any sort binds the energy and our wands wish their energy to flow freely and joyfully, unfettered by any binding and directed by the person they are intended for.

We don’t know the right person for the wands we have for sale. We just know Anna has a rare talent indeed. What we do know, however, is that, as you browse our collection, if and when you spot the ‘right’ wand for yourself or for a friend or family member – you’ll know. The wand in question is already waiting for you, and will call to you immediately.

Each wand has a name associated with the place it was found – they seem to like it that way! Anna never knows how many wandlets are waiting for her; hence, you may see several wands with the same name. I assume it’s something to do with the energy, as I’m sure you’ve realised by now Anna and I go purely with what ‘feels’ right to us! Each wand is supplied with a certificate which includes where it was found and the story behind the wand’s given name, together with any further pertinent information we have been directed to relay. Please don’t be shy though! We’re more than happy to answer any further questions you may have about your wand upon receipt.