Herbal Pockets

Here at Enchanted Annex HQ we’re quite often to be found beavering away well into the night. If you don’t have to avoid daylight hours for fear of bursting into flames, however, but are struggling with getting a decent night’s sleep then we might just have the answer!

Behold – our lovingly hand crafted sleep pillows and herbal pockets! We only have a small selection of each – one Valerian and one Vetiver. Both have a calming, soporific, sedative effect and are natural stress relievers.

  • The Valerian pillow is particularly good for anxiety-related insomnia
  • The Vetiver pillow is helpful for pain-related insomnia, especially muscular aches and period pains.

Each pillow has a hanging strap so can be placed in or around your bed.

Please message the page directly if you wish to purchase one or both of these little beauties. First come, first served, so if you snooze you lose! Ahem.

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