Wands & Besoms

Anna is the Enchanted Annex’s Queen of Wands; Lori’s does the write-up in order to prevent Anna’s personal modesty from doing her skills as much justice as she does the wands. All our wands are handcrafted by Anna from wood she finds on her travels. We believe the wood Anna finds are gifts from the tree for the express purpose of being lovingly transformed into objects of Power. They know their purpose better than we do, and they know Anna has the unusual gift of being able to recognise this purpose and intuit the processes necessary to bring this about.

To describe them as ‘wands’ is rather like describing a Ferrari as a runaround. What we believe makes our wands so special, indeed unique, is the spirit residing …within the wood. Laying dormant, patiently waiting for Anna to pick up his or her signal, recover the wood and set about creating the perfect vehicle.

The first part of the process is the respectful cleaning, stripping and polishing of the wood. The spirit is very clear about how much of this is required. Next, Anna is guided as to which crystals and charms to apply until the wand’s energy is fully powered up and ready to rock and roll.

Each wand communicates a name during the creation process. If you’re lucky enough to have been chosen by one of our wands (and you’ll know, believe me. You’ll hear the call) it is, of course, entirely up to you whether you wish to keep this name.

The end result is an object of power unlike any other. Lori speaks from experience. She was fortunate enough to be chosen by Odin and will be talking more about him in a forthcoming web article.

We’ll be channelling more wands during the coming months if none of these are calling to you then please don’t despair. Register your interest and watch this space! It’s also possible you may have been chosen as a facilitator. If a name is coming to you as you view our wands then please don’t hesitate to listen to your intuition.

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