Energetic Protection

Energise Defence Fields….Raise Shields!

(part one of Energetic Protection)

By Lori Penhaligon

If you’ve read my article on meditation, you’ll already know it’s a fundamental part of my practice. My practice centres around energy manipulation. It follows, therefore, that energetic protection is another essential component for me. In particular, effective psychic shielding. Maintaining and enhancing one’s shield, deflecting negative energy and detecting and dealing with specific attacks. As with all my other disciplines, this one is regularly examined and refined in the light of fresh experience and information. We are all works in progress. Two ongoing beliefs underpin my practice, however. Firstly, I subscribe to non-duality. I believe very little is either inherently ‘good’ or ‘evil’. I prefer to use ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. Secondly, I believe negative energy is not always deliberately released or targeted. People may be unaware of how strongly they project what they are feeling to someone used to sensing energy the same way another person hears or sees. The sensation is every bit as clear and direct.

When I started this article, my intention was to give a condensation of my years of practice and experience in this arena. (I’m nothing if not ambitious!) It quickly became clear from various conversations and research, however, that my fundamental understanding and practice of protection may differ slightly from the norm. (I know. I was shocked too.) It became apparent that even skilled practitioners can place more importance upon external objects than I do. For me, psychic protection comes firstly from within. If you believe you are protected, you will project this in my opinion. I don’t have to subscribe to Hermeticism to find truth in “as within so without”. So, I decided to divide this article into two parts. This first part covers the basics as I perceive them. The second part will go into more detail on enhancing your shield and utilising it in specific instances.

We all refer to ‘picking up vibes’, we all know what it’s like to feel drained around some people and energised around others. You may also be familiar with the concept of psychic vampirism. This can conjure up images of the archetypal vampire, deathly white, clad in black, fangs dripping with residual energy from feeding off its latest helpless victim. In actual fact, everybody has the potential to be a psychic vampire. Particularly old people. It’s no more sinister than looking for a glass of water when you’re thirsty. And the stronger your energy, the easier it is to detect. If you don’t want people consciously or unconsciously helping themselves then best to make sure they can’t tap in.

Not everyone considers psychic protection necessary, of course. If you feel you have no need to shield yourself energetically that’s fine. Most of us have a certain amount of natural protection. One of my friends relies exclusively on his ‘bullshit detector’. He is subject to a fair amount of ill-wishing for various reasons but shrugs it off. Which is deflection in itself. It’s frustrating and mystifying for the sender, causing confusion and rendering the malice ineffective. He knows himself at a deep level and uses laughter to great effect (one of my favourite banishing tools, as it happens). Not all of us are blessed with this level of intuitive direct detection and effective disarming, however. If you do feel conscious practice is desirable or necessary, would like to either learn the art or hone your existing skillset and you find some guidance and inspiration in either or both articles in this series then my work is done.

I’m sure we all have talismans and amulets we consider ‘protective’. And that’s all well and good. All items can be imbued with intent and their corresponding properties (scientifically identified and/or moulded by collective belief) may well enhance the effect. The most essential part of your protection toolkit, however, is your shield. It’s the foundation you will build on. It’s the thing you’ll either have in place or be able to call up at a moment’s notice when you realise your protection rune is no longer around your neck, or your black tourmaline is no longer in your pocket.

The art of creating and maintaining a shield extends to all the places you frequent. Your home, your car, your place of work etc will all benefit from your skills, and Part Two will cover this in more detail. But first, you need to learn to protect your Self effectively. One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was “Be more selfish.” It’s advice I carry through into every area of my life wherever possible, and the reason is simple. The better you look after my Self the more effective I am at serving others. You can’t pour from an empty cup, as the saying goes.

To create your shield, you need to be in that meditative space I talk about in my article ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Meditation’. Once you’re there, settled comfortably and breathing slowly, evenly and deeply, begin to imagine a shield surrounding you. You may find this quite easy to visualise, or you may find it easier to describe; or you may simply ‘know’ it’s there. If you’re not visual then that’s perfectly okay. The ‘knowing’ is enough.

How you perceive this shield is entirely up to you. It may be an egg shape, it may closely follow the contours of your body, it may be fluid, like liquid rubber. The shield itself may have a colour or colours, or a particular material associated with it, it might be relatively thick or quite slim and the interior may be filled a particular light or energy. The details aren’t important at this stage. What is important is that you have begun to get in touch with your shield and it surrounds you completely. Ideally, you will already be noticing pleasant, reassuring sensations, possibly of calmness, strength or increased energy.

Sit inside your shield and connect with it for a time. Learn to recognise it. The more familiar it feels, the easier and quicker it will be to work with. The time you invest now will repay you in spades along the way.

This may be enough for you for the first few sessions, or you may feel ready to progress to the next steps more or less straight away. It will take as long as it takes. All I’m doing is providing my own personal ‘how to’ guide. When you start off, ideally you will be engaging with your shield in a meditative space at least once a day. How quickly you become familiar with it and start to work with it is entirely up to you. Work at your own pace.

As you sit inside your shield, start to pay more attention to detail, sharpening the focus as you would do on a camera. Become increasingly aware of details such as thickness, colour, texture, sensations. This is your own personal shield. There’s no such thing as how it ‘should’ look or feel; all it needs to do is protect you effectively.

How it manifests is entirely up to you. The outside of the shield may be solid or rippling, dull and absorbent or shiny and reflective, rough or made of a Teflon-type material. You will know intuitively whether you wish to absorb and transmute negative energy, whether you wish it to roll off and harmlessly disperse or whether you wish to reflect it back to source. Personally, when deflecting negative energy, I always choose one of the first two options as a first resort. Primarily, because negative energy can quite often be transmitted unknowingly and for all sorts of reasons. If I can neutralise or transmute it then this is a more efficient and less messy way of mopping up negative energy. And if someone is unconsciously directing negative energy at me, might as well transmute it to a positive boost!

If someone is consciously directing negative energy at me, and simply not taking the hint that it might not be a good idea, then I have plenty of methods for more direct action….

But I digress. Your basic shield is the foundation for all the bells and whistles you’ll be adding later (and which will be covered in Part Two) and your ability to work with it is crucial to this.

Once you feel comfortable visualising, feeling or simply knowing your shield relatively quickly, maybe play around a little by pushing it gently outwards or drawing it to you to encourage familiarity and responsiveness. The next step is to examine it for any weak spots. Cast your psychic eye and run your psychic fingers over the inside and outside of your shield to check for cracks or breaches. If and when you discover one, concentrate your focus on the area and repair it. Get into the habit of doing this once a week or so.

All this is the basic practice to setting up, checking and repairing your shield. Feeling comfortable, and familiar with it and competent at using and maintaining it. Once you have this basic practice mastered, you can then go on to adapting your shield to suit the situation. Some people prefer to have their shield running at a low level for the most part, reinforcing it as the situation demands. Some people prefer to call it up at a moment’s notice. You may wish to adapt your shield to the situation; its walls may be rigid or flexible as occasion merits.

In tandem with becoming more familiar with your shield, hone your energetic reading skills if necessary. Walk into a room and see what energetic traces you pick up there. I’ve done my fair share of part-time retail and waitressing jobs, and could immediately tell what sort of day my colleagues had experienced the day before simply by scanning the surroundings. Of course I have a certain amount of natural ability; but as with any skill, the key is to practise, practise, practise. Andy Murray may be able to swing a tennis racquet, but he wouldn’t have won Wimbledon without putting in as many hours as he has on the tennis courts. My shielding has been known to cause hardened psychics to break out into a cold sweat. It didn’t get like this overnight. The work I put in at the outset provided the firm foundation to build on.

If you’re interested in a good all-round guide to psychic protection, I’d recommend The Art Of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall. As mentioned earlier, Part Two of this article will cover tips for the more advanced practitioner. In the meantime, practise your shielding technique if necessary until it becomes second nature and keep up the good Work!