Lori has been absolutely amazing, I was incredibly stressed out and felt like everything was getting on top of me, both at work and in my personal life. Because of this, it was exacerbating my OCD which was ultimately a vicious cycle. She really helped me out and gave me the tools to deal with these situations more effectively. Due to all her help and advice, I have since changed my outlook in life, completely transformed my personal life and got a promotion at work which back then, didn’t think I was ever going to get!
Thank you!

From an early age, Lori displayed a remarkable ability to understand how it feels to put oneself in another’s shoes. She has always been compassionate, open-minded and non-judgemental and carries these qualities into the counselling room.

Her interest in psychology coupled with a desire to help people navigate their way through emotional pain eventually prompted her to undergo comprehensive training in hypnotherapy and counselling and she qualified with a Distinction in both subjects.

Her approach to counselling, as you might imagine, is intuitive, organic and person centred. She has many therapeutic approaches in her toolkit, including Jungian Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, and uses any and all of these approaches as and when occasion demands. If hypnotherapy is appropriate, it tends to be incorporated into one or more sessions rather than used purely as a standalone therapy.

Lori specialises in anxiety and related conditions but has treated people with many and varied causes of distress and unhappiness. She counsels people from all walks of life and her personal beliefs remain firmly outside of the counselling room.

Lori is unique amongst counsellors, however, in that she also offers Psychic Counselling. Psychic abilities are not recognised by the medical profession as a rule; or indeed, by a number of trained counsellors. Psychics may be reluctant to discuss their experiences with professionals for fear of being dismissed or, worse, made to undergo ineffective and possibly harmful and unnecessary treatment. As a result, they can find it difficult to receive appropriate professional help as and when required. Many have found in Lori a counsellor they feel finally truly understands them.  

Lori is currently only available for consultations at her rooms in the North Cotswolds, so you will need to be able to travel to her for your appointments. Please email her at to request a telephone appointment for a free 10 minute consultation. She prefers to work intensively with her clients, so expect to see her on a weekly basis, at least for the first few sessions.

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