Astral Squeaks 2 – The Land of Delusion

The 2 witches looked at Barbie with amusement, then looked at each other!

‘What the fuck is she talking about?’ asked The Alchemist psychically

The Sorceress smiled, in the way she frequently did at her friends questions, a mixture of amusement and frustration, at her friends refusal to become embroiled in the long winded depths of the Chaos Magick world.

‘Just bloody tell me will you bitch? Stop smirking.’ Snapped The Alchemist, all be it in their heads

Barbie sighed! They just had no idea of her power! What were they doing? Why were they not responding? As usual constant questions went round and round in her head! If she just stopped and listened for a change she might have had some answers, as well as realising that they were having a conversation psychically. But she was clearly too powerful for all that basic shit!

‘She means’ said The Sorceress aloud, ‘That shes using it to aid her sleep’

‘I beg your pardon?’ exclaimed The Alchemist, ‘Are you taking the piss or what? We tested it. We spoke to The Thing individually. I had a long conversation with Magred’s dead grandmother. You went astral travelling. What does she want it to do? Give her a written invitation? Ok! Yes I’ll shut up now. I’m ranting’

The Sorceress turned to Barbie, trying not to laugh at her friend’s frustration and horror. She was trying to be polite after listening to Barbie’s rambling liturgy that had spewed forth, like a book being sick, making little sense with a lot of words. She’d known this woman long enough to feel some pity for her, to understand her obsession with this narcissist but that had been too much. An assault on her knowledge and on the entities that guided her! She knew they had been correct in directing her to get perspective from The Alchemist about this energy vampire.

‘Of course, it would help if she would focus what she laughingly calls her brain. And just to reiterate,’ continued The Alchemist, she always did this after she’d said she’d shut up but was angry, ‘Did this dozy bint just say that, and I quote, ‘you and yours are not as knowledgeable as you think you are’. Oh boy way to disrespect them. Mind you its not like she hasn’t done it before, she gets right on their tits at the best of times. And that’s putting aside her total denial of her feelings for the narcissist, and I ain’t talking about the river in Egypt girl’

Now The Sorceress did laugh! For she knew it to be true and always enjoyed her friends particularly base way of phrasing things.

‘Honestly Barbie’, she sighed,’ I don’t know what you want from me. What do you  want me to say? I’m not interested in your opinions of the narcissistic twat so I don’t really understand why you keep babbling on to me about him and, to be honest, your opinion on me and mine is totally naïve. In fact your opinion on most things wanders into the inane or possibly even the insane, and most definitely the delusional. Your obsession with sex is obscene as well! Is it your age do you think?’

Barbie started to cry (her go to reaction when criticised or challenged) and opened her mouth to answer as scathingly as she could manage, but as she did so both her and The Sorceress realised The Alchemist had gone remarkably quiet, for her, and was staring into the distance. When she finally spoke her voice was ethereally deep and not quite her own, ‘‘Her lack of respect & arrogance will be her downfall, she will be destroyed, we will not tolerate her insolence any longer. She is the lowest of fools, we have tolerated her up til now but for her to think that any mortal has the right to think that they can judge us, degrade us or criticise then they will be the instrument of their own destruction’

Barbie looked shocked and incomprehensive! What were they trying to say?

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